Sunday, February 9, 2014

This is it…the last Split post

As we would leave each city, I would often compose a hodgepodge post of things we did that hadn't yet made it to the blog.  To keep up with that tradition, this last Split post contains a variety of things.  

While in Valencia, Bobby and Amelie were able to make it to a soccer match.  They both enjoyed the experience so much that Liam and I wanted to make sure we went to at least one soccer match too.   Hajduk is the most supported team in Split and we would see support for the team all over.  Going to the match was an experience that will not be easily forgotten.  We all had a blast and there was so much going on.  The intense fans, the soccer game itself, the riot police, the singing, the fireworks, etc.  We were surprised by how many firecrackers and flares went off as we were patted down very thoroughly as we entered.  It will always be a mystery to me.  I am thankful that the ticketing agent did not allow us to buy tickets in the intense fan section…that would have been too much for a family event! ;)  Looking from our vantage point of all of the happenings was perfect though.

So many flares and fireworks went off at one point, a thick smoke filled the entire field of play.
Too cute not to include is this random picture of Liam helping Bobby cook chili one night.    
Just outside the Golden Gate of the north side of the Palace is the statue of Gregory of Nin created by Ivan Meštrović.  Gregory of Nin was a medieval Croatian bishop of Nin who strongly opposed the Pope and official circles of the Church and introduced the national language in the religious services after the Great Assembly in 926, according to traditional Croatian history. Until that time, services were held only in Latin, not being understandable to the majority of the population. Not only was this important for Croatian language and culture, but it also made Christianity stronger within the Croatian kingdom.  Rubbing the statue's toe is said to bring good luck.

The tower of a now long-gone Benedictine Monastery also outside the Golden Gate.
A fair popped up near us in which we frequented a couple of times.  Highlights include Liam riding on his first roller coaster, Amelie recklessly driving bumper cars, and Amelie being a daredevil on the gigantic inflatable slide.

Loving the roller coaster ride.
What a cute train conductor!! 
We hit up most of the museums in Split with our Split Pass.  Being the only people in the museums, we were able to enjoy walking around learning without fear of disrupting others.

Looking at the then and now of the city. 
If you were to ask me which of the cities were my favorite, I would tell you Valencia and Split.  Split is an amazingly beautiful place and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there.  I hope to one day make it back during the summer months. :)

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