Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Split: A City that Blends the Old with the New

Living inside the walls of Diocletian's Palace allowed for many strolls admiring the old mixed with the new.  We loved finding hidden gems carved on walls or small gardens tucked off the beaten trail.  Below are some pictures of such places.
Have questions?  Follow the lamp post directions. ;)
The remains of the Iron Gate Palace (built in the 15th century) could be seen in a tucked away courtyard.  Behind a trash gate, were two heads from statues that once adorned the Iron Gate of Diocletian's Palace that were built into this courtyard.   

This column is also part of the remains of the 15th century palace.  
This is a prime example of how the ruins are incorporated in to daily life. 

The Silver Gate of Diocletian's Palace leading to the open air market.

 Every city we have lived we have loved the markets.  It truly is the heart of the city.  Bobby always thrived more in this environment than I did.  He did great bargaining and finding the best deal, even with the challenge of a different language.   Near the end of our trip, we walked the goods area of the market many days trying to find gifts to bring home to our family.  If we ever planted ourselves in a city with a market I am certain Bobby would become a vendor and sell something. ;)

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