Saturday, August 4, 2012

The past, the present, the future...(a warning)

The biggest problem with waiting months (years, decades, millennium, etc.) to update your blog is that you have a whole lot to tell the world.  And we have done and planned a lot in our lives in the past two years.  Enough plans, ideas, and dreams even to warrant the occasional retrospective blog post that will allow readers, friends, and family to understand how we got where we are.  The difficulty with trying to reminisce and write events and ideas that got us here is that there might be a great deal of embellishment, exaggeration, and hyperbole, as we remember the past how we want.  I'll try to keep it straight, but no promises.  The beauty of a blog is that those who have traveled and plotted with us can comment and let everyone know how far the truth has strayed.  That was the first warning.

Now for some housekeeping regarding reading future posts.  Of course all posts will be tagged letting the reader know whether they are reading about a present update, a past anecdote of planning for the present and future, or future plans or arrangements.  But just to make sure there is no confusion, I will make sure that there is some type of header that denotes the post type.  I am sure this is confusing (hence being warning number two), but all will be made clear to those who stick around to hear the tale that sent the Walkers wandering...

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