Sunday, August 5, 2012

Made it to the beach, almost settled in

Present update

After several more hours in the car than any of us could take (I blame the Uhaul trailer and traveling with kids), we finally made it to the beach on the evening of the 1st of August.  The furnished townhouse we rented seems to be in pretty good shape.  After pushing around and moving furniture to accommodate kids, cribs, and six months worth of our stuff, we seem to be settled in.  We're surrounded on both sides with water, with the Gulf on the front side of the house and large lagoon with private pier on the rear side.  Plus, we have a pool for getting whatever sand just won't come off in the outdoor shower.  Our place is definitely a rental, and has the wear and tear to prove it.  But our landlord has already sent repairmen over to fix any issues we've found.  The next six months here should be incredible!

We haven't explored much in the area because going to the beach everyday just hasn't yet gotten boring.  Sand here is really white and clean, a very fine grain, and squeaks when we walk on it.  The weather is very fluid and changes rapidly, as we learned on day two when a lightning storm rolled in way too fast for my liking.  The water itself has a decent amount of seaweed, and I've already stepped on a stingray (who decided he'd save stinging me for a later date).  However, once I navigated through the wall of seaweed, the water cleared up decently.

Amelie and Liam have loved the beach, and Amelie has already declared that this is the best place she has ever lived.  Shell finding and sandcastle building seem to interest her the most right now, but the pool is a close second.  Liam ate so much sand the first day I began to wonder on the physical limits his belly could take.  At what point does it just turn to concrete?  He has no fear, healthy or otherwise, of anything, so the natural hazards of the beach have placed him and us on the opposite sides of the excitement spectrum.

Work is picking up with the beginning of the semester approaching.  That, coupled with the busyness of moving and trying find time to intersperse some beach fun, has left us too swamped to care about taking pictures.  Thus, pictures are limited for this post, and all were taken via iPhone (so quality is limited).  Future postings will hopefully be more picture fruitful.

 First night we got here

 We've eaten a ridiculous amount of popsicles so far.
The dock/pier off the back of our place.

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