Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We're Back!

OK, so I know our blogging has be horrendous and non-existent. However, with the arrival of Amelie we feel some type of moral obligation to keep everyone up to date with fresh pics and stories of our lives. A lot has happened since our last post, so in order to bring everyone up to date we are going to be posting some retroactive posts over the coming weeks that will be mixed in with our regular posts. Plus, some of the retroactive posts will help to define for you, the reader, how the past year and a half has completely flipped turned upside down and changed us (hopefully for the better). We'll mark these retroactive posts accordingly as to not confuse your Walker timeline.

As for your unsatiable thirst for pictures of Amelie, the wait is over:

1 comment:

Nanny said...

Amelie is a beautiful combination of her parent's good looks. She is a blessing to the entire family and loved by all of us.