Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kellys Birthday

Yesterday was Kelly's birthday. She turned the ripe old age of 29. We celebrated in typical Walker fashion; by engorging ourselves with food. One of Kellys favorite restaurants in Athens is Latin American fusion tapas place called Casa Mia. We love Casa Mia for it's delicious food (seriously, it's good), but also for the fact that it has a cool ambiance and is located in an area of downtown that usually has convenient parking. Kelly and I had 6 tapas between the two of us, as well as a dang good dessert that was free because of her birthday. Several of our friends met us there to help us celebrate her special day. Big thanks to the Jimenez, Miller, and Green Families, as well as Morgan Collins, Amy Parrish, Ashley Goodrich, and Alan Whit, all for making Kelly's birthday a blast. It was a fun and relaxed evening filled with good food and even better mojitos. I didn't take enough pics, but here are a few to enjoy.

Kelly and Bobby

Kelly and Amy

Bella checking on Amelie

Some of the peeps that made it out


Anisa said...

BEEF! I believe you mean Jimenez...ha ha. We were glad to be there!! Love yall!

morgan collins said...

I'll believe it when I see it:)