Saturday, February 23, 2013

Amelie's 4th Birthday

Amelie had two big birthday celebrations this year.  The first was at Chuck E. Cheese's with family and friends in attendance.  The second was a day of play in Paris on her actual birthday.  We loved celebrating our Amelie!  She is energetic, funny, smart, social, caring, adventurous, and so much more.  We are thankful for the family and friends who have invested in her life and are supporting us in the journey of parenthood.  We are so glad that we were able to see many of these people the day before we left for Paris playing at Chuck E. Cheese's.  We are thankful for everyone who made the drive out to Jimmy Carter to spend a couple hours making some wonderful memories with Amelie (and us).
Mitchell and Evan were determined to have fun on this slow spinning teacup ride so they livened things up with hands in the air.
Amelie loved the royal treatment!
Amelie was not too far away from Bella throughout the day.  She loves her friends!
Amelie and Farrah giggling on the roller coaster simulation.
The adults made sure to get in some ski ball action as well.

On February 20th, we made a big breakfast of eggs, sausage, and mango juice.  We bundled up and headed to Jardin d’Acclimatation, a 49 acre park with SO many things to do.  If you are interested in looking at it's history visit this website.  We played on various playgrounds, rode the zipline, rode roller coasters, jumped on trampolines, and more.  After many hours of play, we were too hungry to continue so we will have to go back and explore the rest of the park.  We did not make it to the zoo area or the pony rides.  There is still more fun that awaits us at Jardin d'Acclimatation!  After trying a couple pâtisseries in the area and not having any luck with lunch options or payment options, we allowed Amelie to eat at McDonald's.  One of the prizes was an Ice Age III DVD.  On the walk home, we stopped by one of our neighborhood pâtisserie's and allowed Amelie to pick her birthday dessert.  She chose a large chocolate muffin.  When we arrived home we warmed up while watching Ice Age III.  Overall, I would say that it was a successful day of fun! 
Both Bobby and Amelie had lots of fun on the zipline!  Bobby stayed close to pick her up if she fell but he also rode a couple of times too.  So much for blending in...I did not see any French parents on the play equipment.

Bobby and Amelie on the Alice and Wonderland roller coaster.  The teacup spun as it went around the track.
Amelie and I on her first ever roller coaster ride.  She screamed and giggled the entire ride.

Amelie spent close to an hour jumping on a large trampoline.

Eating her delicious chocolate treat!

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