Thursday, November 1, 2012


 Ahoy, Matey!  Avast ye booty the Walker crew has pillaged this Halloween. 
Festivities started with "Boo at the Zoo." Our local zoo had fun games set up to play, animals walking around to pet, and a costume contest to take part in.  The entire family had a lot of fun!  Pictures speak a thousand words, so I will let the pictures do the talking.
Joined by another Lassie and Skully.
Blimey! What is trying to hornswaggle our booty?
Shiver-me-timbers, it is not easy playing golf with a patch over one eye!
Aaarrrrggghhhh, you scallywag, dead men tell no tales!  I will win this contest!
Heave Ho, batten down the hatches!
This old salt knows how to ring 'em.
Thar she blows! 

HaHaHa, I laugh in the face of danger.  Now let me out!!!

Let me have a piece of 'em!

What a crew! (Did I mention that it was mostly just children dressed up?)
Liam decided not to blow the man down for being an Alabama fan, the ferret was just too cute.
 Trick-or-treating turned out to be a super fun experience for us, like one you've seen in the movies.  A specific neighborhood in Gulf Shores was recommended to us to go trick-or-treating in.  As we neared the location, we were surprised by the high volume of cars parking outside of the neighborhood.  Immediately we knew this was going to be fun!  The neighborhood was blocked off to cars so it was nice not having to worry about walking around in the dark.  There were so many people trick-or-treating that the entire street was filled with people.  Most of the homes decorated to the nines.  If the house was too scary, we just walked by quickly.  Amelie went up to each person and said, "Aaarrrrggggghhhh, trick or treat!"  This turned out to be one of our favorite parts about the city of Gulf Shores.

All types and ages of people were out to trick-or-treat.
Liam road in his bike for most of the time, but when he was out he was not going to be left behind!  He's looking at the house as screams are coming from the windows.
Bobby and Amelie walking up to the first house.
Amelie is responsible for our costume choice this year.  She wanted to be a pirate princess (which I think she pulled off beautifully) so we all decided to be pirates.
Bobby and I enjoy dressing up with the kids, if you couldn't tell already.  We were contemplating how long can we do a family theme of costumes until Liam or Amelie won't want to participate or have differing ideas.  There is, of course, no way to know; but we will try to milk it for as long as we are able! 

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